Those are regional extracts and tile archives of the GPX Planet.
You can process those with perl scripts, or make your own tools.

Visualisation of all GPS tracks is here.

Made by Ilya Zverev. Points are licensed CC-BY-SA by OpenStreetMap.
archiveArchived tiles and bitiles
extractsGPS points extracts
Special TMS for Poland.html40316-04-2013
gps-extracts-polygons.tar.xz123 K22-04-2013Filtering polygons used to make extracts (mostly from GeoFabrik)
world-gps-points-120604-2048.png1597 K10-09-2012A large poster with statistics and interesting facts
world-gps-points-120604-4096-source.png3874 K07-09-2012All GPS points at zoom 4 (generated from tiles of zoom 5).

Created with on 23-04-2013.