Those files (compressed with XZ) contain all non-private GPS traces in OpenStreetMap database as of 9th of April, 2013.
Original files can be downloaded at
Parent directory
asiaGPS points for asian countries (China, Japan, Pakistan etc.)
europeGPS points for european countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom etc.)
ex-ussrGPS points for ex-USSR countries (Russia, Latvia, Georgia etc.)
usaGPS points for parts of the USA
africa.tar.xz416 M18-04-2013
asia.tar.xz1349 M18-04-2013
australia-oceania.tar.xz367 M18-04-2013
canada.tar.xz152 M18-04-2013
central-america.tar.xz99 M18-04-2013
europe.tar.xz7379 M19-04-2013
ex-ussr.tar.xz3926 M19-04-2013
south-america.tar.xz251 M18-04-2013
usa.tar.xz536 M18-04-2013

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